About Us

We are the company that connects the entire population with health.

With more than 84 years of experience, we provide solutions adaptable to market needs; managing a customizable and effective strategic model for all our clients.

We have structured ourselves to guarantee integral solutions aligned to the needs of our business partners.

Marzam is constantly innovating and we have developed a robust technological platform to boost the growth of our customers and suppliers, adding value and competitiveness to maximize business opportunities.

Our extensive experience and leadership in the commercialization of health products supports us. We guarantee an effective and timely supply with the highest quality standards.

Marzam "Connecting health".

Our commitment:

Is to link every consumer with logistics solutions for health care.

Our Commitment


Exceeding our expectations to connect the entire population with health.

We Project the Future


We guarantee integral solutions aligned to the needs of our business partners.

We are the strategic ally of the main suppliers of the health industry.

We have an extensive product portfolio based on market needs.

Defining the Future

Brand Commercialization

We have an extensive infrastructure and our business model guarantees
that your brand is distributed optimally in all Mexican territory.

Brand Commercialization
Brand Commercialization

Our business model is based on win-win partnership and long-term alliances in order to maximize market opportunities and success.

We are your best ally!

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